Our Staff

The success of our programs is based upon the experience, understanding and compassion of our staff.


 Meg Fields, RN, Psy.D. (She/Her)

Director of Program Development
 Meg has a doctorate in clinical psychology. She has extensive counseling experience and completed a career of 20 years at San Francisco General as a psychiatric emergency room nurse. She is on the Advisory Board for the Disability Student Services at Diablo Valley College.

Her doctoral dissertation revealed that young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder are socially lonely and underemployed. The aftermath of this finding highlighted the need for Aspen Network’s social living model which Meg co-founded. Meg continues to develop programs for young adults with social differences who have difficulty launching from their parents’ homes or are underemployed due to social anxiety, mood disorders, depression, OCD, ADHD, executive function disabilities, or learning difficulties. Meg’s wealth of theoretical knowledge and counseling experience complemented with her compassion, love, and unconditional regard for an individual is the foundation in which she brings individuals together to great belonging.

Michael Fields RN.(He/Him)

Director of Operations
Michael has been on the emergency-room staff at California Pacific Hospital. Michael comes with 20 years of experience as an emergency room charge nurse at California Pacific Medical Center. He and Meg co-founded Aspen Network and he oversees the daily operations.

His natural ability to connect with clients on a uniquely individual basis enables them to discover their paths. He truly loves working with young adults, helping and encouraging them to accomplish their individual goals. He provides direction and supervision for the staff counselors. Mike is an integral part of the magic that surrounds Aspen.


Tyler Shields, B.A., (She/Her)

Clinical Staff
Tyler Shields received her B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University magna cum laude.
She is currently working on her Masters degree in Social work. Tyler has been an integral part of the Aspen Network team for seven years. She is a brilliant Interning-counselor with a deep intuitive sense of connecting with the residents.

Tyler supervises and helps many other young, excited fellow students from the Psychology Department at San Francisco State University. Tyler gets to know her fellow students very well and has been a Teacher’s Assistant and Co-lecturer for many semesters at SFSU, her role as TA has helped her discover a love of teaching and seeing her students succeed.

Amy Fields (She/Her)

Co-Founder & Business Development Director
Amy has an A.A. in Psychology from Diablo Valley College. Amy has worked with Aspen Network for the past 10 years.  She is invaluable as a trained peer leader, helping to build a residential community and participating in program development. Amy’s intuition and kindness reach across wide divides with the residents and assists them with their internal challenges with relationships and living with other people.

Anna Fields, B.A., (She/Her)

Linguist, Poet, Assistant ChefAnna just graduated from UC Santa Cruz, where she studied literature and French. Aspen Network has always been a huge part of her life, but since graduating, she’s had time to actively participate in more activities. She is currently earning her Masters Degree.

Ally Sawyer, B.A., (She/Her)

Tutor, Clinical Staff

Ally Sawyer received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Connecticut. She served two years with the AmeriCorps program City Year doing “pull-out” tutoring and “push-in” intervention in Alum Rock Unified, as well as assisting with long-term subbing. She has been teaching Social Science, English, and Algebra at Holden High School as a core academic teacher and Senior Advisor for eight years.

Our Staff