Application for Team Living PODs

Year-round ongoing open enrollment.

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Three Tiers – Tuition and Fees
In our desire to provide residents with support and guidance, Aspen Network currently offers three tiers of housing and accommodations.  Residents can move through the tiers based on how well they develop and progress with their independent living skills.

All tiers include:

  • Social living program 
  • Dinner twice a week:
    • Tuesday peer-prepared social community dinner.
    • Friday outing/activity and shared meal.
  • Daily mentoring and support based on a resident’s individual needs.    
  • Life skills coaching.
  • Thursday: Social Process Group Meeting.
  • Friday: House/Community meeting. 
  • Access to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and other public transportation.
  • Rides are available for grocery shopping, appointments, and social outings.


Each individual goes through a rigorous screening with Aspen Network’s Directors and the entire support team. Upon invitation to live at Aspen, each resident will begin a one-month trial period at Tier 1 to assess the level of support needed to be successful.

Tier 1:  $7,750 per month:
Based on clinical assessment, residents will stay at Tier 1 until specific goals have been met.

Tier 1 residents need support with: personal hygiene, daily grooming, laundry, daily scheduling, preparing meals, housekeeping, group behavior, academic or vocational capacities, developing a greater level of independence, and accomplishing academic or vocational goals.

Tier 2:  $5,550 per month:
Tier 2 Program designed for, but not limited to, 24 months, based on assessment.

Tier 2 residents are expected to handle hygiene, laundry, cooking, and most aspects of a daily schedule with minimal support. Tier 2 residents have:
– the capacity to progress towards academic or vocational goals.
– are developing the skills to live as part of a community and enjoy peers.
– are learning to use and accept the accommodations necessary for success in the present and future.
– are beginning to work on social anxieties and difficulties to learn how to value, create, and maintain relationships.

Tier 3:  $4,100 per month: Residents need one to two years in Tier 2 in order to move to Tier 3, based on assessment.

Tier 3 residents are:
– “almost independent” in all areas of self-care, shopping, planning meals, cooking, maintaining a daily schedule, financial literacy, and transportation.
– continuing on a path towards vocational or academic goals.
– able to participate in leadership activities at Aspen.
– developing an understanding of the value of service to peers, family, and the community through fully participating in and enjoying the Aspen the community and the communities of work and or school.
– discovering their place in the world beyond personal needs and concerns.
– understanding and developing strong self-advocacy skills and the ability to access support systems needed for “accommodated” independence in the community.

Fees for additional services
Although we are primarily a social living model supporting the development of true friendships we also recognize the importance of academic and vocational development. We have established relationships with educational and vocational consultants who provide an array of support at an additional cost.

The following additional services can be provided at a mutually agreed upon hourly wage:

  • Educational Consultants, private pay for 1:1 hours
    • Obtaining transcripts
    • Choosing courses
    • Meeting with counselors on campus
    • Registering for courses
    • Processing into on-campus Disabilities Services office
  • Tutors: market rate per tutor 
  • Transportation to medical or therapy appointments
  • Aspen Network does not cover:  academic costs, registration, books, transcripts, transportation costs to college, etc.

The Aspen Network is independent of college programs.
Please note that college acceptance and enrollment are independent of the Aspen Program and are to be managed by the applicant and family. Please visit individual college/vocational websites for information.

• Diablo Valley College:
• Las Positas College:
• Laney College:
• San Francisco State University:
• University of San Francisco:
• University of California Berkeley:

Applicants can be considered throughout the year regardless of college enrollment dates.

Online application submission — PLUS a printed and signed copy
Please fill out all sections of the following application and supply all the requested information and materials. If you can’t complete this application entirely in one sitting, simply click “Save & Continue Later,” at the bottom of the form, to temporarily save what you have entered.

VERY IMPORTANT: After you have fully completed the form — but before you click the “Submit Application” button — you must first print out a complete copy of the form and physically sign all forms. Please mail the original signed copy and requested documents to Aspen Network:

Aspen Network
Attn: Meg Fields, RN, Psy.D.
15 Vallecito Lane,
Orinda, CA 94563

After you have printed the application, click “Submit Application” to send the application electronically.  Note that Aspen Network must receive BOTH the electronically submitted online application and the physically signed hard copy, along with the $275.00 application fee.

Application to Team Living PODs

  • Participant

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, tif, Max. file size: 5 MB.
  • Emergency Contact

  • Family

  • Parent Questionnaire

  • Educational Information

  • School Transcripts

    Aspen Network will need the applicant’s official high school and/or college transcripts. Please snail-mail those to us per the directions at the bottom of this application.

    List of Schools
    In the following section please list all schools attended from 9th to 12th grade, as well as colleges and other relevant educational programs. (If there are additional schools please snail-mail that information to us with your other materials, per directions at the bottom of this application.)

  • Medical Information

  • Participant Questionnare

  • For each job list: Type of Work, Employer, Dates, and Hours/Week.
  • Verification, Permission and Statement of Authenticity

  • Application Approval Signatures

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In addition to the electronic version of the application (sent when you clicked the Submit Application ) you must also mail all of the following items to Aspen Network:

1. A printed copy of the fully completed application — with all required hand-written signatures. (Please also keep a copy of this document for your own records.).

2. A nonrefundable application-processing fee of $275.00 — in check or money order payable to Aspen Network.

3. Official high school transcript and any official college transcripts.

4. Latest IEP (if applicable).

Please mail all of the above to Aspen Network at this address:

Aspen Network
Attn: Meg Fields, RN, Psy.D.
15 Vallecito Lane
Orinda, CA 94563