Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have questions.
If you have any of your own, just give us a call.

What is your general approach to working with social anxieties and social differences?
Understanding that each young person is different, we look to the individual’s next step forward instead of focusing on the last step taken. We use a combination of strategic methods in all of our activities. When someone is anxious, we help him or her to investigate the experience. Often a peer will be able to share a similar feeling and possibly a resolution that worked for him or her. Simply knowing one is not alone can be immensely helpful.

What are the dates of your four different programs?
Aspen Network Team Camp is two weeks beginning in early July. The dates vary each year. The other three programs run throughout the year, with Group held on most Thursdays. For more details, see the Aspen Community Living, Living Skills Group and One-on-One Coaching links on this site.

How do you manage co-ed youth?
We are very respectful and supportive all genders and sexual orientations. The role of gender needs observation and thoughtful discussion. Although Aspen is a co-ed community, roommates are same gendered. Because of our sensitivity to the issue, we have rarely had any problems.

How can I help my young person get ready (or willing) to join Aspen?
We believe that all potential housemates should meet us prior coming to live at Aspen. We can arrange in person or video visits. Applicants, whatever their age, are often leery of being “assessed” by one or more people, but we have a careful process for helping youth find what works for them. We are genuinely interested in their goals and wishes—which is why our application form includes the kinds of questions it does. Generally, as applicants begin to sense our sincerity, they begin to feel more comfortable.

How are personal electronics handled?
Electronics are often a means of Safety Seeking allowing a resident a calm and safe retreat from overwhelming stimulation. Access to and limiting of electronic use is determined case by case.

How do we apply for one of your programs?
Application forms are available in the pages under “How to Apply” on the menu above. Note that each program’s application form is slightly different. Please check to make sure you have completed all parts of your form before you submit it; incomplete forms cannot be processed. Note that some of the applications require that specific areas be filled out by your medical and mental health professionals.