One-on-One Coaching

Private consultation with Meg Fields can help a young person
assess his or her current situation and options for next steps

Meg Fields, RN, Psy.D., is an analytically trained psychotherapist and co-founder of Aspen Network. She helps teens, young adults, older adults, as well as family members to develop a deeper understanding of themselves. She assists individuals who are having social difficulties begin to consider what sorts of accommodations might be possible and useful for them. Meg is both compassionate and practical in her coaching, and she is particularly interested in solutions that make sense for her clients. She believes in having open, respectful, and thoughtful interactions, co-creating with them and always seeking a clearer assessment of things that were once baffling. Some of the coaching meetings may include Aspen Network co-director Michael Fields and other members of the Aspen Team staff who can increase the value of the meeting. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Whom Meg helps:
Meg offers one-on-one coaching at Aspen Network for young people with social difficulties, difficulties ranging from underlying social disorders, anxiety, and depression to a diagnosis on the spectrum. In this context, one-on-one coaching is generally aimed at establishing a goal or a plan. Young people and/or their parents often see Meg when they are considering new programs or aren’t sure what the next steps should be. Much of Meg’s time is spent pointing individuals in a direction that will add value to the already working parts of their lives.

In her work with socially challenged young people, Meg has observed that peers socializing with peers and being able to share similar problems and experiences can often be more productive than long-term one-on-one therapy. She sometimes sees individuals for multiple sessions and, if appropriate, refers them on to longer-term counseling.

For parents and families, too
Parents may be having their own serious struggles as they come to terms with their children’s diagnoses and future prospects, and what all of that may mean for them. Meg helps parents to process the grief that naturally accompanies concerns for one’s children. She helps them to confront the huge loss that may accompany having to shift their hopes and dreams, while understanding and loving a child who is often more demanding, difficult and less affectionate than others. She seeks to help all family members, siblings included, to take a collective deep breath, find some space, and be able to consider unexplored alternatives and possibilities.  Meeting with families can also help address family dynamics and interactions.  Sometimes it is useful to hear everyone’s opinion about circumstances and possible next steps. Families often have many questions and concerns. Sometimes they feel exhausted from all the things they have tried, without success.

Focusing on next steps
Often, the private sessions with Meg lead to a young person being placed in one of the Aspen Network groups—perhaps a camp experience, or for someone over 18, an accommodated community living environment, which can be life-changing. We currently offer a weekly combined group for both housemates and young people who do not live at Aspen, with the intent of meeting new people and growing our Aspen Network community. We also offer regular Meet-and-Greets so young people can visit with some of our staff and residents. For many, the opportunity to meet with peers of their own can provide young people with a taste of what the world feels like when they are allowed to be who they truly are. Aspen is designed as a hand up to making the next step on their own personal journey.

Give us a call to discuss specific needs, or simply submit a One-on-One Coaching application.