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Here are some useful informational resources
on social anxieties and challenges

Many parents—and also many of our young people—would like to better understand the social disorders, anxieties and challenges they are encountering. What has been written about them? What studies have been done, and what has been learned? It often helps immensely just to discover that a person is not alone—that others have faced similar or related issues and have found ways to cope, grow, and move forward with greater self-awareness and strength. Here are some resources that may be helpful:

Adults on the Autism Spectrum Leave the Nest, Jessica Kingsley Publishing, 2008
By Nancy Perry, Ph.D., Discusses how to help a young adult achieve supported independence

The Liability Factor, Three Rivers Press, 2006
By Tim Sanders
Describes how to boost your L-factor and achieve your life’s dreams

The Unwritten Rules of Friendship, Little, Brown and Company, 2003
Natalie Madorsky Elman, Ph.D., and Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.
Provides advice and strategies for parents so they can help their child make friends

The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders, LinguiSystems, Inc., 1997
By Sue Thompson
Informs and instructs about what Thompson describes as an “under-recognized and poorly understood syndrome”

Star Shaped Pegs, Square Holes: Non-Verbal Learning Disorders and the Growing Up Years
By Kathy Allen, M.A.
Describes and discusses symptoms and possible treatments for students with NLD (out of print)

The CEO of Self: An Executive Functioning Workbook, EvoLibri Consulting, 2014
By Jan Johnston-Tyler, MA
Provides a “Guide to the Hows, Whys, and Wherefores of a Reasonably-Organized Life in the Digital Age”