Team Living PODS – Tuition and Fees


Three POD Tiers – Tuition and Fees
In our desire to provide residents with support and guidance, Aspen Network currently offers three tiers of housing and accommodations.  Residents can move through the tiers based on how well they develop and progress with their independent living skills.

All tiers include:

•  Residential housing
•  Dinner twice a week
—  Tuesday peer-prepared dinner (peers rotate this duty)
—  Friday pizza/activity night (peers rotate this duty)
•  Thursday Social Process Group
•  Counseling sessions with consultant Nancy Perry, Ph.D.
•  Walking distance to and from BART and other public transportation
•  Depending on driver availability  and schedules, rides may be provided to BART
•  Life skills coaching
•  Weekly house/community meeting run by Nancy Perry, Ph.D.
•  Daily mentoring and support based on residents’ individual needs
•  Supported quiet time four days per week
•  Two monthly field trips
•  Periodic group retreats

Each individual goes through a rigorous screening with Aspen Network’s director and the entire support team. Upon invitation to live at the POD, each resident will begin a one-month trial period at Tier 1 to assess the level of support needed to be successful at the POD.

Tier 1:  $6,250 – $4,900 per month (Some residents will stay at this tier until specific goals have been met)
Needs support with daily grooming, daily scheduling, preparing meals, housekeeping, group behavior, academic or vocational capacities, developing a greater level of independence, and accomplishing academic or vocational goals.

Tier 2:  $4,900 – $3,500 per month (Program designed for 24 months at Tier 2, based on assessment)
Expected to handle hygiene, laundry, cooking, and most aspects of a daily schedule with minimal support. Has the capacity to progress towards academic or vocational goals. Is developing the skills to live as part of a community and enjoy peers. Is learning to use and accept the accommodations necessary for success in the present and future. Is beginning to work on social anxieties and difficulties to learn how to value, create, and maintain relationships.

Tier 3:  $3,500 – $2,900 per month (Residents need one to two years in Tier 2 in order to move to Tier 3)
“Almost independent” in all areas of self-care, daily scheduling, and transportation. Fully participates in and enjoys the community. Is continuing on a path towards vocational or academic goals with the expectation that he or she will contribute monetarily in a “match” program in collaboration with parents. Is able and willing to contribute to POD living in a mentoring and leadership capacity. Is developing an understanding of the value of service to peers, family, and the community. Is discovering his or her place in the world beyond personal needs and concerns, and is developing a genuine concern for others. Is fully accepting of the fact that “supported” independence through self-advocacy will be essential to personal well-being.

Fees for additional services
Aspen Network does not cover: academic costs, registration, books, transcripts, transportation costs, etc. The following additional services can be provided at a mutually agreed upon hourly wage:

  • •  Life coach/mentor to assist with:
    —  Obtaining transcripts
    —  Choosing courses
    —  Meeting with counselors on campus
    —  Registering for courses
    —  Processing into on-campus Disabilities Services office
    •  Tutors (market rate per tutor)
    •  Department of Rehabilitation follow-up, support, and attendance at meetings
    •  Workability programs (some are vendorized with the Dept. of Rehabilitation)
    •  Transportation to medical or therapy appointments
  • •  One-on-One Support for executive functioning to complete driver’s training (Driver’s Permit), for organizing a study calendar and keeping up with assignments, any other individualized goals that go beyond Aspen Network’s scope as a supported independent living/social community.